We are FLIPT, an award winning moving image company telling original stories.

51 Lloyd Baker Street
London, WC1X 9AA
+44 207 437 1112

The script has changed.

The media and technology landscape has turned commercial film making on its head. Old world labels and separations are no longer relevant, it’s why FLIPT is a moving image company. We produce them in every form. From an award winning commercials campaign to a six-screen art installation at the Pompidou in Paris to a series of virtual reality films which are a permanent exhibition at the BFI.

Our obsession is talent; unearthing and evolving people with unique ways of seeing the world from diverse backgrounds.

If you want your script FLIPT, call Philippa on 07711 017607

Moving Image Collaboration

True North, a 6 screen film installation by Isaac Julien CBE

+44 (0) 207 437 1112
+44 7711 017 607

Our founder is Philippa Thomas

From Actress to Receptionist
Receptionist to RSA
RSA to Producer
Producer to Company Owner
Founder of Thomas Thomas and an EMMY win
From an EMMY to a film art installation at The Pompidou
The Pompidou to Creativity for Good
And a permanent exhibition at BFI for “The Wayback”
The Wayback stays and the way forward begins with
FLIPT (And three kids along the way)

Moving Image Collaboration

Albatross, premiered at the BFI London Film Festival