Kit Lynch-Robinson skied a Jaguar down a mountain.

Skied a Jaguar down a mountain

And built a bridge over the River Kok

Went Monster Truck racing with Idris Elba

Created the biggest explosion ever on UK soil

Turned a transit van into a hovercraft

Did Stunts in far away lands for the Grand Tour

Worked as Series Director for Limitless

Kit x Chris Hemsworth x Disney+

And stretches the imagination of what a car commercial can be


Lexus Hybrid feeling the pulse in Utah

Kit Lynch-Robinson for The & Partnership

Tundra Power – Early morning coffee for football fans

Kit Lynch-Robinson for Conill

The empty car convoy stunt for Hyundai

Kit Lynch-Robinson for The Viral Factory
Branded TV

Challenge Vietnam – Driving from south to north with Toyota

Kit Lynch-Robinson for Saatchi & Saatchi LA