At FLIPT, we produce films for good that reach millions.

Virtual reality film
360 degrees

We make films for good, like the Wayback.

The Wayback is a virtual reality film series designed to trigger memories and spark conversations for those living with dementia their loved ones and carers. The 360- films, directed by Kevin Thomas, immerse the viewer in incredibly detailed, recreated positive moments from the past – which evoke the happy feelings that went with – in order to create positive connections in the present.

A partnership with SUPA Network
Empowering young people

We do things for good, like the Supa Network.

We are partnering with the SUPA network, a network created to empower young people and build innovative learning experiences for people with unique ways of seeing the world from diverse backgrounds.

Shown in 25 countries
6 million views

We make films for good, like International Woman’s Day.

A film made for International Women’s Day by a collection of passionate advertising people and directed by Tiny Bullet.

With no budget, no media spend and a cast of volunteers Adpology had 6 million views in 25 countries and was picked up by international news channels.

Adpology is an important “nudge for those in the industry who are still wedded to painful clichés.” (Little Black Book).

Supporting 180,000 nurses
For Cavell nursing Trust

We make films for good, like the Cavells’ Nursing Trust.

Founded in memory of Edith Cavell who was executed by German firing squad in the first world war the Cavell Nursing Trust provides thousands of nurses with support due to ill health or domestic abuse. Over 180,000 nurses and nursing assistants work over the holidays and New Year and this film was made in support of them.