Bonamaze are Gil & Stav

Gilad & Stav directors, editors & sound designers
From dual percussionists to working with DJ’s
From DJ’s to audio visual directors
To Tony Hawk and the  Sound of Skateboarding
From Tony Hawk to the Sound of New York
900 sounds sampled and 6 days of shooting
To create the big Apples Heartbeat
An audio visual anthem
Gaining them a couple of WEBBY’s along the way


2 x Webby Award Winner

NYC! Sound (Back) On – The Big Apple in all it’s glory!

New Orleans

Jon Batiste x Nola Vibes March Madness

Vimeo Staff Pick

The sound of skateboarding with Tony Hawk 

Vimeo Staff Pick

Vimeo Thank You x Skateboarding with Tony Hawk