Tiny Bullet is the daughter of a sign writer.

Daughter of a sign writer to first promo for BBC at 16
BBC to broadcast designer
Broadcast designer to creative head
Creative head to backpacker
Backpacker to Oz
Oz to commercials director
Commercials director to NY Times “most watchable commercial”
NY Times to London
London to 6 million views for International Woman’s Day
On to Love Honey the “most outrageous ad to ever air on British TV”
Then an APA 50 and Kinsale winner for GoCart
And always the love of creating moving images


Mia Wray – Stay Awake

Tiny Bullet for Mia Wray
APA 50 & Kinsale Winner

It’s Time To Pay Easy, launch film for GoCart by Tiny Bullet

Tiny Bullet for Digitas North America
Pick of the day

Supermarket; a film by Tiny Bullet for Tesco Mobile

Tiny Bullet for BBH

It’s all about the eggs for McDonalds

Tiny Bullet for Leo Burnett

‘Rest Easy’ and relax with Tiny Bullet’s film for Premier Inn

Tiny Bullet for Leo Burnett
Direct to client

Be More Jamey for Treatwell


An astutely designed piece of work for McDonalds

Tiny Bullet for Leo Burnett
Branded Content

Two youngsters pummel it out for LTA

Tiny Bullet for Beano
National Orgasm Day

Lovehoney turns up the turn on

Tiny Bullet for Brave
Webby Award Winner

The inimitable Celeste Barber × eBay

Tiny Bullet for Mullen Lowe

Mayhem in a focus group for Cheez It

Tiny Bullet for Leo Burnett, Chicago
6 Million Views

An adpology for past misdeeds for International Woman’s Day

Tiny Bullet for The & Partnership

Any sport can make a difference, BBC Sport Relief

Tiny Bullet for BBC Creative

Lenovo, NY Times most watchable commercial

Tiny Bullet for Ogilvy, New York

Bully Art


Adventures of Tiny Bullet and a lens